Zephyr Mobile

Zephyr Mobile

Zephyr Mobile is an Android interface for the Zephyr messaging system.

The mobile client is paired with a backend server that you run on your favorite dialup Athena machine (e.g. linerva). The backend server stores your data in your own personal database that's stored in your AFS home directory. This means that your zephyrs are stored forever, even if your dialup goes down.

Setup and Installation

Zephyr Mobile is in early Beta. It may or may not work. The Zephyr Mobile maintainers make no guarantees. We are not responsible for malfunction or loss of data. Use this app at your own risk. tl;dr plz don't sue us kthxbai.


Tap the button below on your Android phone to download the app via Google Play (the Android Market).

Download »


The first time you open the app, you'll be prompted to enter your Athena username, password, and dialup server of choice (probably linerva.mit.edu). Zephyr Mobile will then take a moment to get set up, and then show you your class list.


Add youself to zephyr-mobile-users@mit.edu to recieve important updates about Zephyr Mobile.


If you run into any problems trying to get set up, drop us a line at zephyr-mobile@mit.edu or talk to us on -c zmobile.


If you encounter issues, follow these instructions.


Use the “Reset” menu item in the front page of the app (the class list). This should fix most common issues in a few seconds.


Temporary issues on your dialup server may be causing unexpected issues. Wait 30 minutes or so and try again.

Contact Us

If problems persist, get in the touch with the maintainers and we'll try to sort out your problem.


Mobile Zephyr (including the backend server) are developed on Github. We always appreciate contributions -- the best way is to fork the project, work on your patch, and then submit a pull request. We're happy to help you get familiar with the code base -- send us an email or zephyr and we'll set something up.

Github Project »


Beta 2

The target release date for Beta 2 is 5/8/12. A partial list of planned feature additions:

  • Publish app in Android Market
  • Automatic setup through the mobile app
  • Barnowl plugin to mark messages as read
  • Load colors and use them when displaying zephyrs


These features are planned, but don't have an estimated delivery date.

  • Color filter manager for mobile app

Have a request?

Let us know if there's a feature you'd like that isn't here.



  • Ben Weissmann (bsw)
  • Steven Allen (steb)

Other Developers

  • Keshav Dhandhania (keshav57)
  • Pramod Kandel (pramod)

Contact The Team

If you have questions, feedback, bug reports, feature requests, or any other comments, send them to zephyr-mobile@mit.edu or -c zmobile